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About Us


A pure passion for people, books, information and research steered us to various conferences with notebooks and pens in hand (back in the day). Synchronistic encounters with respected authors and speakers catalyzed life changing experiences that gave rise to us hosting successful events in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the USA featuring international celebrities. 


The ancient practice of communities coming together to discuss information and solutions has evolved into the modern day conference or seminar. As such, these gatherings have their place and relevance in society. Our vision is to provide a professional platform for extraordinary individuals who inspire change in the world and charter new courses for humanity.


We at Conscious Events Global value the sharing of knowledge and intellectual expression. We consider this an essential component to understanding the nature of our existence in a complex universe.




Amazing people we have worked with in the past include: John Perkins (USA), Sean Stone (USA), David Icke (UK), Graham Hancock (UK), Dr Robert Schoch PhD (USA), Brien Foerster (Peru), Andrew Collins (UK), John Martineau (UK), Hugh Newman (UK), Dr Luis Eduardo Luna, Julian Palmer (Australia), Kilindi Iyi (USA), Dale Millard (Bali), Dan Schreiber (Australia), Michael Tellinger (South Africa) and Dean Liprini (South Africa). Our events have been hosted in the following cities and countries: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Australia · Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, USA · Auckland, New Zealand · Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa.


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